Date Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Duration 1 Hour


In this era of empowered customers, superior and efficient customer experience is the key to competitive advantage. Today, it is imperative for enterprises to not just provide seamless, consistent and engaging service experience to their customers across touch points, but also continually reduce the cost of service while improving the efficiency of their service operations.

Vodafone New Zealand (VFNZ) was struggling with disparate front and back-office processes, which compromised the quality of customer service. Their challenges included low first call resolution (FCR) rates, non-optimized knowledge portals, high operational cost, and long waiting period for customers. Without real-time communication between frontline and back office SMEs, these issues were rapidly eroding customer lifetime value.

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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017


1 Hour

Global Webinar Timings

Australia AEST: 10:00 hrs, April 4, 2017
New Zealand: 12:00 hrs, April 4, 2017
Singapore: 08:00 hrs, April 4, 2017
US PST: 17:00 hrs, April 3, 2017
US CST: 19:00 hrs, April 3, 2017
US EST: 20:00 hrs, April 3, 2017

Infosys helped VFNZ successfully address these challenges. With the Infosys solution on Oracle Service Cloud, they:

  • Improved Net Promoter Score by 10% with decreased turnaround time
  • Enhanced performance by 10% during call handling
  • Reduced the cost of operations by 9-13% through online knowledge artifacts

Attend this webinar to know more about the winning strategy that helped VFNZ improve their customer satisfaction index and optimize operations. The webinar will enable you to:

  • Replicate Vodafone‚Äôs success in winning customer loyalty by transforming customer experience
  • Discover the key business drivers to achieve this transformation alongside improving efficiency

Select attendees will win a free Cloud Readiness Assessment.


Mike HalesMike Hales
Channel Manager (Digital Strategy, Content and Service), Vodafone New Zealand

In his session, Mike will discuss how VFNZ won customer loyalty by transforming customer experience.


Bijayita MohapatraBijayita Mohapatra
Customer Experience CoE Lead, Infosys

Bijayita will provide details on Infosys delivered business value to Vodafone NZ while optimizing their cost.


Michael BaileyMichael Bailey
Principal Sales Consultant - Oracle

Michael will provide a brief overview on the value proposition and offerings of Oracle CX Service Cloud.

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