Date January 30-31 2018

Venue The O2, Peninsula Square, London


AI Congress 2018 will bring together hundreds of leading enterprises, thought leaders and investors from across the globe to look at how AI and Deep Learning is changing society and the foundations of how we do business. The event will provide high level presentations, real life examples and hands on advice from business leaders of the industry's largest companies, discussing how they are benefiting from the advances of AI.

Why attend?

The event will be providing a practical analysis of how businesses are changing, how AI can be effectively monetised, cost savings, risks and challenges faced with implementation and how enterprises can adapt to take advantage of the growing opportunities presented by AI. Furthermore the show will provide extensive networking opportunities including: AI Pitch (a Dragons Den style investment competition), Tech After Dark, Women in Tech sessions and much more.

Over 100+ speakers will discuss real life examples of how they are adopting and preparing for the changes brought by AI.

Session Details


AI is the Tip of the Iceberg


30th-January, 2018


10.10am – 10.40am


Tim Hynes, Chief Information Officer, Allied Irish Banks
Sudhir Jha – SVP & Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, Infosys

This topic explores the possibilities that AI can bring to the fore. What we know today, what we have seen today or even what we can imagine today are just the starting points of what the future beholds. The strategies that are made today, the roadmap that is outlined today and the milestones are set today will shape the future of where we will reach with AI in the future and that again will be a new starting point.


The Future of AI and its Impact on Business, People and Leadership


30th-January, 2018


15.05pm – 15.45pm


Rob McCargow, PwC


Sudhir Jha – SVP & Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, Infosys
Alessandro Recino, Cloud Solutions Architect – AI & Data, Microsoft
Sue Daley, Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI, TechUK
Andrew Chapman, Digital Health Lead, Digital Catapult

The applications and use cases of AI that we see today are just the beginning of endless possibilities. It will take a fresh approach and change in mindset, from everyone, to realize the full potential of AI and to explore its realms since it will touch and impact every aspect of the business. According to a leading survey, progressive businesses are rapidly adopting AI and about 90% are already seeing widespread benefits in terms of accuracy and productivity.

In this interactive discussion, the panelists will debate about the difference AI is making today and in the future on the business and the people. We will also discuss how todays leaders view this impact and how their vision will shape the future.

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