Date January 25, 2018

Location Virtual


AI LIVE is a 12 hours long event starting from 10:00am GMT to 10:00pm GMT , featuring 40+ speakers virtually. You can track the social conversations with #AILive. is one of the largest gathering of automation and AI professionals in the world with over 100,000 members globally. The event will provide high level presentations, use cases and access to many resources and great opportunity to connect and chat with AI and automation business users in a virtual environment.

Why attend?

This is the world’s first virtual event on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation. This event will bring together established industry experts, global thought leaders and senior executives from the world’s leading intelligent businesses to help understand the opportunities and challenges provided by the emergence of artificial intelligence and how different organizations are dealing with it.

Session Details


Harnessing the power of strategic AI to transform your enterprise


25th-January ,2018 | 10:00am GMT TO 10:00pm GMT


15:40pm EST |12:40 pm PST| 9:40 am NZT


1 hour


Virtual Event


Kallol Dutta, GM Delivery and Automation, Spark Platforms, Spark New Zealand
Sudhir Jha – SVP & Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, Infosys

Using data from a global AI survey, you will hear our speakers talk about how smart companies are augmenting their basic automation with revolutionary AI. Using real-world examples they will explore projects and business units where AI can and has made a real practical difference, helping you re-think your future operational strategy.

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