Date November 28 – 29

Time 8 a.m. onwards

Location Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

Event overview

The Biodata World Congress is one of the world's leading events for people working in rapidly expanding fields of Big Data and AI in genomics research. This event will help participants successfully tackle the challenges they face in massive data sets and will also help them with the problems they are encountering while handling and processing vast amount of information. The key focus is on drawing actionable insight from the big amounts of data. The event will cover discussions on data storage and management, data discovery and generation, AI and machine learning, NGS, precision medicine, integration and interoperability.


Connect with Infosys

Infosys is delighted to participate at this event as a Platinum Sponsor. We will demonstrate a range of solutions from drug repurposing to new age digital transformation platforms with subject matter experts available for discussion at booth 39.

Session details

Keynote session


Data driven digital architecture: Getting ready for new normal life sciences


November 29


9:20 a.m.


Ravinder Singh, Senior Industry Principal, Infosys

Round table


Agile data management – Challenges, emerging practices, and ways.


November 28


11:40 a.m.


Ravinder Singh, Senior Industry Principal, Infosys

Event description

Digital transformation is ready to scale into mainstream business, challenging the boundaries of existing enterprise architectures. The next generation pharma enterprise architecture blueprint will be built over the principles of agile and democratized data, new technology incubations with right sized controls. Key elements of this next-gen architecture blueprint addresses transformative themes of closed loop patient relationship, multi-disciplinary data management, and extensive partner collaboration to build a sustainable digital ready enterprise architecture for next generation life sciences organizations.