Date October 2, 2018

Time 5:15 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location: London, UK

Event Overview

Today’s enterprises are facing a peculiar predicament. Understanding customers and providing them highly relevant experience has evolved into a completely different dimension today. It’s not so much of business planning, as it is anticipating and pre-empting your ‘customer’s plan’. Enterprises need to understand that customers are not just key for immediate targets but are also a trigger or a sounding board for new business models, products, and strategies. Enterprises who don’t have the technical or business framework, need to understand their customers need, face the imminent threat of not just lagging behind but also facing a survival risk.

We, at Infosys, believe our offerings in the space of building digital platforms, Enterprise Digital Asset Management platform, Omni-channel capabilities, Customer 360 personalization. Leveraging the power of micro services, artificial intelligence, and IoT along with data science and intelligence, can help in redefining customer journey management; bringing unparalleled agility in devising the best cross-functional experience.


Why should you attend this event?

At this roundtable, you will:

  • Gain insights on the new digital transformation opportunities for businesses. Know more about how to empower your organization throughout your transformational journey – Pascal Matzke, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research
  • Experience innovation: The way some of the best enterprises did – a session by our client speaker
  • Learn more about ‘Catalyzing experience with right technology solutions’– Michael Plimsoll, Financial Services Marketing Director, Adobe EMEA
  • Discover more on ‘Placing customers at the center of your enterprise strategy’— Rajesh Varrier, SVP, Head — Microsoft and Digital Experience Business, Infosys
  • Be part of a panel discussion: Redefining customer journey management and ensuring the best cross-functional experience

Speaker profiles

Client Speaker

Ben Sefton

Ben Sefton, Head of Digital, Virgin Media Business

Ben is a digital marketer, who embraces the opportunities provided by the latest digital technologies to drive customer engagement. From leading the evolution of Vodafone UK's online estate to looking after the transformation of Virgin Media Business’ digital experience, he enjoys the challenge of leading and delivering change at the heart of the digital revolution. Ben is a technology enthusiast at heart, always on the lookout for potential of emerging technologies, such as, artificial intelligence, optimizing customer engagement.

Partner Speaker

Michael Plimsoll

Michael Plimsoll, Financial Services Marketing Director, Adobe EMEA

Michael is a seasoned innovative marketer focused on driving efficiencies and improved return on investment through a better use of data and content in marketing. He has an extensive background in data-driven marketing, content management, cross-channel marketing, and digital advertising.

Michael currently works in the Product and Industry Marketing team at Adobe. In this role, he helps Adobe’s customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to better achieve their marketing objectives through deep industry insights and best practises, as well as by ensuring that they are maximising the use of Adobe solutions.

Prior to joining Adobe, Michael held various client side and agency roles at companies such as BSkyB, Ogilvy, and Wunderman; working on accounts such as American Express, Microsoft, IBM, and BT.

Analyst Speaker

Pascal Matzke

Pascal Matzke, VP and Research Director – Forrester Research

Pascal Matzke leads Forrester's global CIO research team that focuses on the digital transformation opportunities for businesses around customer experience as well as connected products and services. His area of expertise and thought leadership spans across different domains of business technologies such as mobile, social, cloud, the Internet of Things, as well as the related transformational business issues. Pascal is a deep domain expert in tech services and outsourcing trends as well as the underlying market dynamics.

Acting as a trusted advisor to technology leaders and business executives based out of Europe, Asia, and North America, he has helped frame successful transformation strategies for many large corporate clients and several leading technology vendors.

Infosys Speaker


Rajesh Varrier, SVP, Head - Microsoft and Digital Experience Business

Rajesh is the Head of Microsoft and Digital Experience business at Infosys. He is a business leader and Information Technology professional, with over 25 years of progressive global experience in delivering excellent solutions to customers. Rajesh has unique and comprehensive experience of building global consulting businesses. In addition, he has played the role of a Chief Digital Officer and has also been a successful entrepreneur.

Rajesh has been an invited speaker / thought leader at forums like the NASSCOM, CII, and other technology events where he has shared perspectives about various subjects ranging from entrepreneurship to HR practices.

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