Date November 13, 2018

Time 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EST

Webinar overview

Building an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) capability can help companies understand drivers of demand, distinguish noise from trends, align sales, operations, manufacturing, and supply chain to understand the dynamically changing market conditions and respond to it.


Join this webinar to know:

  • How Infosys helped client Kimberly-Clark, a global CPG leader redefine their demand planning and S&OP process with SAP IBP
  • How Infosys journey has transformed S&OP processes, changing mindset, and delivering value to stakeholders
  • How Kimberly-Clark seamlessly integrated demand signals and associated granularity across different time horizons (short term, mid-term, and long term)
  • How Kimberly-Clark integrated intelligence from different groups’ sales, marketing, and demand planning into a single forecast number
  • How Kimberly-Clark integrated multiple systems into a single IBP platform with data from trade planning, marketing, statistical teams and more; providing end-to-end views into customers, categories, and overall market
  • How multiple streams of relevant actuals and demand signals feed into IBP so planners quickly analyze and incorporate adjustments including product lifecycle inputs
  • How IBP's graphical and flexible planning ideas have helped demand planners quickly visualize the impact of external and internal factors on demand forecasts
  • How IBP streamlined and improved the effectiveness of monthly S&OP processes by processing complex calculations and massive data feeds within shorter timeframes

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Webinar speakers

  • Takshay Aggarwal, Associate Partner, Infosys
  • Ted Kedrowski, Head of Demand planning, Kimberly-Clark