Date November 4-7, 2018

Venue Aria, Las Vegas

Event overview

Kronosworks’18 is the annual conference hosted by Kronos. The audience consists of CEOs, CIOs, CHROs, directors and analysts who come together to share thoughts, perspectives and engage with a like-minded crowd of nearly 3,000 visionaries, new product users, and everyone in between who’s eager to nurture a next-level workforce.


Connect with Infosys
Infosys will be an exhibitor at the conference showcasing latest tools from WFM voice enabled bot to ever evolving best practices from our 50+ WFM engagements. Meet our team of experienced consultants who can guide your WFM solution based on industry best practices. Augmented with tools that we have built to ensure a smooth and rapid implementation, we will be able to partner with you to help achieve your desired outcomes efficiently.