Date September 17 – 20, 2018

Time: 8: 00 a.m. onwards

Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre | Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Booth no: C2

Event Overview

Telstra Vantage is a world-class, technology and business event. It showcases new ways of doing business that will inspire enterprises to reimagine what’s possible.

The event will give us an opportunity to work with experts and meet the who’s who of the industry, including Telstra management and customers, and their partners from the technology industry to create solutions for the biggest global business challenges.


Connect with Infosys at Telstra Vantage 2018: Infosys will be at booth C2. Connect with us to know about how Infosys has been enabling clients across the globe to navigate them to their next by delivering solutions around 5G, artificial intelligence, digital twin, blockchain, augmented reality/virtual reality, and many others.

Solution Showcases

  • Unlocking immersive media with 5G and media network
    Infosys has incubated immersive 360° video streaming as an industry offering and developed an industry – first 5G Virtual reality streaming proof of concept for a leading Australian telco. We created VR apps for the Oculus Rift (tethered), Samsung Gear VR (mobile), and WebVR (browser) while integrating these apps with the client’s content delivery network (CDN).
  • Blockchain unleashed for communications, media and entertainment
    Infosys Blockchain enabled Digital Asset Management solution is equipped with a set of APIs to encode media assets – digital and physical. The APIs help encode and transfer ownership of assets. Also, APIs manage payment and royalty management. Our solution provides a web interface to analyze transactions for ownership and transfer of digital media rights.
  • Smart Farming
    Infosys digital agricultural ecosystem ensures accurate measurement of crop yield and field conditions. Precision mapping maximizes agriculture resource utilization while variable rate technology (VRT) solutions optimize the usage of seeds and crop protection products by integrating farm equipment with precision maps.
  • Digital Turbine
    This showcase brings to life how large and seemingly traditional physical assets can be digitized to become intelligent and function in ways not possible earlier. It shows the immense potential of digital technologies in revolutionizing established and mature industries. The demonstration shows the use of augmented reality (AR) for automatic detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and mitigation of adverse events that could arise from component failure of jet engines.

Speaker session details


11:00 hrs September 20, 2018

Karen Connor, Director, Wongdoody

Infosys: The Mother Board
Australian mums control 80% of consumer spending and 70% of them feel that the current marketing landscape misses the mark. The Australian launch of The Mother Board, a proprietary insights and data platform that gives Australian mums a voice, demonstrates how businesses can use a data platform with actionable implications to build resonant consumer experiences. In this session, we will showcase what ‘insight agility’ and ‘thick data’ can do for your business.