Date 10th July

Time: 2 PM to 3 PM EST

Speakers: Venky Ananth, Vice President, Healthcare, Infosys Ltd
Jimit Arora, Partner, Everest Research

On demand webinar


Event overview

The healthcare industry faces many challenges, and the promise of blockchain has widespread implications to solve them. It has huge scope for all stakeholders in the health care ecosystem. The healthcare industry has the potential to connect disjointed systems to generate insights using this technology, to better assess the value of care, moving towards complete patient data management and improving Provider Data Management with enhanced data accuracy.

In the long term, a nationwide blockchain network for electronic medical records may improve efficiencies and support better health outcomes for patients

The speaker ‘s will cover the below topics:-

  • Overview of Blockchain technology in Healthcare
  • Opportunities & Challenges for Blockchain along with Adoption scenarios of Blockchain in Healthcare

To know more about Blockchain use cases in Healthcare industry and how these are gaining traction in both Payor and Provider industry, join the webinar, "Unlocking New Possibilities in Healthcare Ecosystem with Blockchain" and hear leading experts, practitioners and implementers take through this unique technology that is imperative to transform the healthcare ecosystem in the future, if not now.