Date October 2, 2019

Time 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Venue 133 Chancery Lane - The Law Society, London

Booth A

Event overview

Money Live Lending is a platform that helps explore the latest in the consumer lending industry. It brings together the various players in the market from across the UK to tackle the most pressing subjects facing the industry and the challenges that firms face. The event is an avenue to discuss how new data sources, analytics and AI is leading a revolution in credit profiling and customer on-boarding, and how firms can take advantage of it. From designing new mortgage products, to harnessing the power of data, to revolutionising credit profiling and more, this conference is the hub of the dialogues that shape the lending domain.


Connect with Infosys

You can meet us at booth A to discuss the latest in the mortgage industry and how to leverage existing technologies to address the consumers’ changing demands. Discuss with our experts how to accelerate the consumer relevance in mortgage business and become the disruptor instead of being disrupted.