Duration 60 minutes

Event Overview

Humanity has woken up to the realization that we can feel so defenseless in the face of calamity. Understandably, this apprehension is spilling into our work lives as well. The distributed remote working that we are facilitating today, driven by our adoption of physical distancing, will become the norm tomorrow. With this will come the inevitable discomfort of potentially exposing our organizations to cyberattacks if the right precautions are not taken to adapt to this new world. Businesses will need to consistently reiterate to employees their safe remote-working protocols and procedures, simultaneously creating a resilient and assured digital future for their organizations.

View our on-demand webinar and download the presentation
View our on-demand webinar and download the presentation

Key Takeaways:

  • Dealing with the expanding and new threat surface
  • Protecting against data breaches and attacks on remote assets
  • Balancing security with user experience and productivity
  • Prioritizing and re-calibrating governance and compliance
  • Making cybersecurity a foundation for the new world of work

Speaker Details:

Mohit Joshi

Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys

Vishal Salvi

Vishal Salvi, CISO & Cybersecurity Unit Head, Infosys

Dr. Martijn Dekker

Dr. Martijn Dekker, CISO, ABN AMRO Bank

Enterprise resilience is being tested now and the challenges of managing security are on the rise. With adversaries increasingly targeting remote workers, additional vulnerabilities are created and it becomes all the more important to have the right set of security controls. To know more about the wide range of cyber security services from Infosys, click here.