Date October 7 – November 12, 2020


Event Overview

The industry has moved forward, and Digital Transformation World reflects this. While we continue to serve our core market, we feel it is appropriate to talk openly about digital transformation and how it affects the wider world. This openness also presents your organization with a new opportunity to reach out further into potential markets and contacts through association with TM Forum.


Session: Building a future of frictionless commerce

Abstract: This session covers how Corda platform can help to overcome challenges in tackling international voice fraud for telecoms. It is available at the Innovation channel at TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series, and watch our recorded CorDapp demo.


Arka Roychowdhury

Arka Roychowdhury - Principal Consultant, Blockchain, Infosys

Arka Roychowdhury is presently working as a Principal Consultant for Infosys, focusing on Distributed Ledger Technologies and its convergence with other emerging techs such as AI/ML and IoT. Although a technology enthusiast, he understands the limitations of a “technology only” intervention to social and business problems. That’s why his daily interactions span through technical and business partners to startups to academia, giving him multidimensional perspectives on pressing business and social challenges. Arka, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and an MBA.

Thomas Spencer

Thomas Spencer - Business Development Director, Telecom Lead, R3

Thomas is responsible for business development, partnerships, and strategy to support CSPs delivering the future of blockchain on Corda, creating sector strategy, engaging with partners developing CorDapps, building relationships with CSPs and expanding the R3 Corda brand across the CSP/Telecoms sector. He has studied Business, Economics and Social Studies at Trinity College, Dublin.

Nils Pehoviak

Nils Pehoviak - Sales Engineer, R3

Nils is a Sales Engineer at R3. He is a technology enthusiast who believes in a customer-centric approach. He holds a vast experience in fintech and has done MS in Physics from Heidelberg University.