Date June 30, 2020

Time 3:00 p.m. London / 4:00 p.m. CET

Duration 60 minutes

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Event overview

The world of healthcare is transforming into a more consumerized ecosystem; patients are now more informed and demand personalized experience. Traditionally providers had a much higher influence to care decisions which is evolving into patients taking control of their care and lifestyle decisions. This provides an opportunity for pharma to establish new relationships with their actual end consumers that can help drive patient outcomes and drive maximized value of their therapy. Patient centricity is the new active principle for pharma; remaining connected with patients in real world scenarios is crucial.

The end customer profiles have changed leading to changing care models; pharma now have the opportunity to help evolve next generation of care. How can pharma approach the new normal to reimagine and successfully implement customer relationship strategies? How can they leverage new age cloud-based CRM technologies to amplify customer journeys?

Infosys brings to you a webinar on the future of personalized pharma, and the right approach to evolving customer relationships through CRM transformation. Please register below to hear leading industry experts share their views on the transformation of patient stories, and how pharma can keep up with the new normal.


Key Learning Objectives

  • New imperative for transformation to customer centricity perspective in Life Sciences
  • How can CRM technologies like Sales force enable new patient journeys?
  • Understanding of Medico – legal perspective and understanding of patient centricity and profiling


Kai Mäkelä

Kai Mäkelä
CEO, Fluido

Kai is a founder and the CEO of Fluido, the leading Salesforce consulting partner in Europe. Prior to founding Fluido, Kai was a Regional Vice President at Kai is passionate on how the Salesforce platform, coupled with the right type of services, makes data actionable and drives business transformation and customer success.

Arielle Trzcinski

Arielle Trzcinski
Senior Analyst serving application development & delivery professionals, Forrester

Arielle Trzcinski is a senior analyst, serving application development and delivery professionals. Her research focuses on how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to become more customer obsessed and engage healthcare customers in new, innovative ways. Her areas of focus include virtual care, patient and member experience, analytics, population health, and value-based care.

Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh
Senior Industry Principal, Infosys Life Sciences

Ravinder has more than 20 years of experience in life sciences and healthcare and heads Infosys Life Sciences domain consulting. Ravinder works with life sciences clients in digital transformation projects across R&D and commercial value chain. He leads conceptualization and delivery of novel solutions, and has been instrumental in establishing new patient engagement solutions for pharma customers.