Duration 60 minutes


Event Overview

Inflexible and complex legacy IT landscape not only causes business disruption, but results in organizations incurring higher costs to run their business. Modernizing legacy applications is critical to achieve business resiliency and meet business goals.

But it isn't easy, as the challenges are varied.

Watch the event recording to understand the typical pitfalls our clients face in their modernization journey and their approach to overcome them. Grab the experts' opinions on the relevant best practices to gain the confidence you need to begin or continue your application modernization initiatives. Learn how the cloud can help you reimagine your legacy IT landscape to building a future-ready enterprise.


Key Takeaways

  • Latest trends and pan-industry insights on application modernization shared by Yugal Joshi, Vice President, Everest Group
  • Imperatives that enterprises must focus on to carve out a good application modernization strategy
  • Experience as shared by Infosys’ clients on their modernization journey, along with valuable insights for success
  • Role of cloud in modernizing legacy IT landscapes while building a future-ready ‘Live Enterprise’


Yugal Joshi

Yugal Joshi - Vice President, Everest Group

Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander - President, Wealth Management and Global BPO, Broadridge

Jay Belur

Jay Belur - Director of Information Technology, Customer Experience (CX), Cisco Systems Inc.

Shaji Mathew

Shaji Mathew - Executive Vice President, Infosys


Anupama Rathi

Anupama Rathi - Head of DevOps Practice, Infosys