Date: April 21 – 23, 2021

Location: Virtual

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Event Overview

ICON - Blue Yonder’s annual customer conference is being held April 21-23, 2021.
Infosys is a Platinum sponsor at this year’s virtual event. ICON is a free virtual conference hosted by Blue Yonder, which will focus on the three biggest drivers for today’s supply chains – automation, digital transformation, and omni-commerce. In just three days, you’ll hear engaging, inspiring, and powerful keynotes and content from leading brands covering topics such as:

Digital Transformation
After a year of profound market shifts driven by COVID-19, digitalization has rapidly accelerated and is the #1 priority for every organization in 2021. Get inspired hearing from industry leaders who have doubled down on their commerce-driven supply chain strategies to intelligently predict, manage, and fulfil customer demands.

Intelligent Automation
Staying ahead of supply chain complexities, potential disruptions and demand fluctuations has never been more critical. Automation that can help predict, prescribe, and help companies pivot is the foundation to achieving essential end-to-end supply chain visibility and seamless execution. Learn how to conquer these challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

The commerce explosion coupled with drastically changing shopping habits is forcing change. Today’s shopping experience is driven and defined by the consumer at every step of the shopper journey, not just at the point of sale. Enter the customer-centric omni-commerce model. Explore how retailers are delivering a differentiated, reimagined shopper experience.

Power of the Platform
The future is inevitable: more data, more technology advancements, more partners. Companies are challenged with building a more extensible and adaptive supply chain that leverages people, processes, and assets across the ecosystem. Join us for DEVCON and learn how to build, extend and tailor supply chain apps, connect with fellow BYonders and how to maximize the Luminate Platform.


Solution Showcase

We will be showcasing the following solutions:

Infosys Image Processing solution in Operations Optimization
Infosys Image Processing solution has a wide range of applications in Operations optimization across Digital Supply Chain including warehouse management, logistics and retail operations
Infosys Image Processing solution helps to maximize throughput, increase efficiency and accuracy with reduced cost in the Supply Chain network and reconfigure Warehouse operations, Logistics and Retail. It includes efficient:

  • Cycle Counting in Warehouse
  • Labor Management in Warehouse
  • Transportation Management
  • Retail store solutions

AI/ML based Inventory Improvements & Labor Optimization
Our AI / ML based solution predicts the inventory mismatches in the warehouse, suggests steps to be taken and there by optimize the labor usage
The AI / ML based Bolt-On solution extracts the data from the existing WMS system (e.g. Locations, SKUs, historical transactions, labor planning and policies information), performs exploratory data analysis on the data. The solution then predicts the inventory errors. The operations teams channels the labor effort based on the model prediction.

Infosys Visual Merchandising Solution
The Infosys Visual Merchandising solution is a proven idea with a one stop platform for all the Industry Best Practices for Category Management
Infosys Visual Merchandising Platform is a Bolt-On application which helps maximize digital touch points within the store and reconfigure store formats, service and product portfolio. It includes:

  • Macro and Micro space planning
  • Store Operations & Compliance
  • Digital Transformation
  • AI/ML enabled Intelligent Processing

Dynamic Labor Planning
Dynamic Labor planner solution considers various factors influencing labor cost to predict number of operators required in each area of warehouse by contemplating their skillset, average units per hours, priority of the tasks they are assigned to and handling units such as pallet, case or each.

Dynamic Pick Routing and Contention Management
Most of warehouse picking direct the users to follow a fixed path based on pick sequence defined in the WMS. But this picking path need not be optimized when a contention occurs in an aisle.
The Dynamic Pick Routing solution is capable of dynamically suggesting in what sequence the items need to be picked based on the picker’s position and nearest item. Location Based Service will help the solution to optimize the picking path and is capable of avoiding aisles with contention during picking by multiple users from the same location / aisle in the warehouse.

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