Digitalizing warehouse management functions powered by industry-leading packages like Blue Yonder WMS and Manhattan WMS through fresh implementations or migration from legacy systems or integrating leading WMS systems with various other business applications. The solution caters to the futuristic needs of a warehouse by changing the ways goods are received, stored, and shipped, providing innovative solutions like HoloLens based picking solutions.

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Gain key benefits from Infosys’ Blue Yonder WMS implementation are:

  • Increase warehouse efficiency by optimizing and executing the right inventory at the right location at the right time.
  • Automation for warehousing tasks for seamless digital transition.
  • Optimize inventory and warehouse operations enhances labor management and productivity
  • Intelligent fulfillment – meeting demands of the dynamic market environment, decreasing time-to-value and expediting returns management process

Optimized Warehouse Management Solution

Improved dashboards for complete visibility

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