Delivers an advanced and optimized system that recommends and responds, identifying faulty line within operations and uses cognitive methods like AI and Machine Learning to fix them. Offers solutions for supply chain covering Forecasting, Pricing, Routing with a range of “bolton” models for business systems (ERP, COTS packages, and legacy modules) that extend the current day solutions to optimize for outcomes and improve accuracy.

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Gain key benefits such as:

  • Business process consulting and optimization tools to analyze and recommend the best process and tool in the warehouse for your supply chain
  • Optimization tools and business process recommendations to drive supply planning efficiency and reduce costs and overheads
  • Reduce cost per mile with Truckload optimization
  • Advanced analytics and recommendations based on industry best practices for improved forecast accuracy and an efficient supply chain

Challenges & solutions

Multi-tier demand and supply chain visibility, long-term and short-term demand and supply chain planning

Align supply, at an aggregate level, to the demand plan generated by the consensus demand planning process.

Provides a data and analytics model that can represent several states of the supply chain —historical, present, and future —to detect changes that could do harm or provide opportunity for the business

Addressing the demand and fulfillment challenges together rather than in a sequential way