Leverage the power of Digital Supply Chain Planning with Blue Yonder capabilities and services covering demand planning, fulfillment replenishment, transportation management, S&OP, and more. Experience advanced supply chain visibility and tune forecast by changing Blue Yonder parameters to minimize manual intervention and identify exceptions. Modernizing Enterprise Supply Planning by enabling flexible dashboards for real-time communication and effective collaboration.

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Key benefits from Blue Yonder implementation:

  • Provides innovative, end-to-end capabilities spanning inventory storage, tactical inventory planning, and management, reducing operating inventory considerably without impacting service level.
  • Intelligent selection of most efficient combination of modes, carriers, schedules and routes to reduce transportation cost across the supply chain network.
  • Delivering automated store replenishment for retailers, thereby reducing out of stock by 10% by leveraging dynamic sourcing where surplus stock existed.
  • Solves the problem of reducing wastage of perishable products considerably and excess inventory level for old products and out of stock for new products considerably while handling product substitution.

Challenges & solutions

This Module helps to determine safety stock levels at various locations

Blue Yonder Fulfillment module helps in creation of optimal vehicle loads, considering weight/volume constraint

Using Blue Yonder Fulfillment module, helps in effective handling of phase-in and phase-out of new and old products