Providing comprehensive offerings for both On-Premise and hosted Order Management solutions and transforming legacy monolithic OMS to microservices-based OMS platforms. Pre-built functionalities and integration components covering a range of solutions like buy, fulfill and return anywhere, store fulfillment, unified view of demand and supply. Offering omnichannel assessment consulting services for defining journey roadmap, peak readiness assessment ensuring stress and performance evaluation of OMS applications, Managed Services supporting seamless transition and reliable round-the-clock support.

Looking for advanced Omni Order Management Platform in the era of E-commerce?

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Key benefits from IBM Sterling OMS implementation:

  • Inventory Visibility - up-to-the-second inventory tracking and accuracy to the core.
  • Store Engagement – Enables best in class customer service and efficient pick, pack, and ship process.
  • Fulfillment Optimizer - Holistic Omnichannel fulfillment powered by AI capabilities
  • Increased fill rates and inventory turns
  • Reduced markdowns
  • Optimized fulfillment costs
  • Real-time and accurate order promising
  • Eliminate lost sales
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Challenges & solutions

Smart sourcing allows orders to be fulfilled in the way that meets customer’s expectations and retailers’ business objectives thereby optimizing the fulfillment costs

Global inventory visibility solution provides real time and accurate inventory visibility across the enterprise (warehouse, DCs, stores, In-transit etc.)

IBM OMS enables buy anywhere, ship from anywhere and return anywhere through its Omni-channel commerce solution