Providing Digital transformation journey with IBM Tririga’s Integrated Workplace Management System that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, space management, facility maintenance and environmental and energy management with a single technology platform. Experience seamless workplace data integration combined with IoT, analytics and Artificial Intelligence and explore new ways to optimize operations as well as transform occupant experiences.

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Gain key benefits from Tririga implementation:

  • Integrated Workplace management system for workplace data integration across real estate, capital projects, space management, facility maintenance, and environment and energy management within a single platform
  • Lease Accounting capabilities - provides you with the support of a lease manager giving information to the users regarding previous or present asset value, lease update and amortization summary. E.g., Compliance to new FASB/IASB regulations
  • helps to manage and control external or internal project activities and provides you with a list of projects in operation and its schedules and budget forecasts
  • Connected workplace using Automation/IOT in facility management and smart connected buildings

Challenges & solutions

Automated Space Allocation process built in Tririga

Tririga Sustainability module calculates and tracks energy consumption