Infosys digital supply chain offerings, part of Infosys Cobalt, has catered to deep investments into supply chain management products, solutions, services and partnerships. We leverage digitization and next-generation technologies to help global enterprises address supply chain challenges confidently and provide a complete view of situations at various stages of the supply chain lifecycle.

Infosys Supply Chain Innovation Hub is a one stop shop for futuristic new edge ideas, point of views, proof of concepts and solutions for any industry leading to improved sales efficiency by bringing productivity in process, technology, people. Empowered with cognitive science, it is reimagining processes and adapting to experiences like a living organism to reap benefits and improve ROI continuously.

We consider these six elements of Live Supply Chain (Sentient, Observable, Connected, Innovative, Agile and Lively) in our design thinking approach and leverage the right data elements with the wide lens of multivariate opportunities through our domain experts.

We are building unique solutions for every customer based on their business landscape making them relevant resulting in robust and future proof state of art scalable design and have the seed for inception of new possibilities for anyone having challenges in their existing supply chain

Infosys Live Supply Chain Innovation Hub

One-stop shop for futuristic ideas, proof of concepts and solutions for industry-leading improved sales efficiency, productivity, technology and people.


Gain key benefits such as:

  • Innovations and business process recommendations to drive supply chain planning efficiency leveraging our accelerators to reduce costs and any overheads.
  • Improved forecast accuracy and an efficient supply chain.
  • Warehouse of the future helps in bringing value in store operations reducing labor costs.
  • Intelligent sourcing and dynamic price optimization to help reduce overall cost per mile and improve margins.
  • End to end supply chain visibility and holistic decision-making command center aka control tower built on live enterprise architecture improving operations and execution spends.


Network, Demand and Supply Planning

  • Intelligent Forecasting
  • Intelligent Planning & Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Planning
  • Margin Optimization


Distribution, Stocking Points

  • Image based tracking
  • AI/ML Inventory Improvements
  • Workload Optimization
  • Connected Maintenance
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Logistics & Transportation Operations

  • Fleet/Garage Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Control Tower


Order Promising/customer Experience

  • Global Inventory visibility
  • Visual Merchandizing Platform
  • Intelligent Sourcing
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • EPOCH Microservice Platform
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Challenges & Solutions

Efficient intelligent warehouse management, optimized operations and regular maintenance through predictive AI/ML enabled scan methods

Cost and time efficient pickup, drop movement and delivery schedules and asset maintenance utilizing powerful AI/ML self-learning engines

Higher confidence to respond and fulfil changing demand with cost efficient replenishment by leveraging state of art platform/microservices

High accuracy in demand, stock and network planning through strong sensing enabled self-improving AI/ML models

  • Forward thinking predictive/prescriptive command center is a state of art Control Tower built on the live enterprise architecture to enable end to end visibility of supply chain functions.
  • The solution brings improved focus on key performance indicators and helps in better decision-making process through real time alerts leveraging connected business events monitoring across the supply chain.