Date: June 17, 2021

Time: 9:00 a.m. CST

Event Overview

While the energy industry had already entered the digital age, the pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation. Today the industry is undergoing a generational transformation. Global ecosystems at large are targeting net zero emissions by 2050 to mitigate the impact of fossil fuels that have powered economic growth. However, large-scale innovation is required to get closer to that goal. And digital technologies will play a pivotal role in the journey.

Discover the experiences and perspectives of industry experts from energy supermajors as they engage in a freewheeling conversation to shed light on the convergence of digitalization and decarbonization in the industry.


Key Takeaways

  • Sustainability for energy industry in a post-pandemic world
  • Immediate priorities for energy transition and the role digital technologies must play to accelerate and scale them
  • Trends, challenges and emerging solutions driving innovation in the fields of sustainability technologies

Speaker Details

Keisha Garcia

Keisha Garcia - VP, Digital Foundations Programmes, bp

Keisha Garcia is the VP of Digital Foundations Programmes at bp, leading the delivery of modern, secure, and compliant digital operations in service of net zero ambitions. Prior to Keisha’s current role, she was Director of the cloud transformation and end-of-serviceable-life (EoSL) program. Joining bp 15 years ago, Keisha has successfully led many major programs inside and outside of bp with budgets exceeding $100m.

Alvin Shaffer

Alvin Shaffer - VP – Business Efficiency, Equinor

Alvin Shaffer recently took on the role of VP – Business Efficiency, to lead Industry 4.0 adoption within Equinor’s renewables space. Alvin joined Equinor in 2008 as a US Offshore senior pipeline engineer and since then, has held several senior leadership roles within Finance and Control, Asset Management for both onshore and offshore assets, and offshore field development in his 13-year tenure.

Detlef Hohl

Detlef Hohl - Chief Scientist Computation and Data Science, Shell

Detlef started at Shell’s Bellaire Technology Center and has over his tenure at Shell managed several projects in data analytics, computational engineering and materials science, geoscience and petroleum engineering.

Detlef holds a PhD in theoretical physics and is adjunct professor at Rice University and visiting scholar at the UK National data science laboratory Alan Turing Institute.

Robin Goswami

Robin Goswami - Senior Vice President & Global Head Energy (Oil and Gas) Practice, Infosys

Robin is one of the founding members of the Infosys Energy, Utilities & Resources Group. He is responsible for crafting the vision, implementing the strategy, managing client relationships, and sustaining organic and inorganic growth in building the Energy (Oil & Gas) and mining practice since its inception to its current stature. Robin has over two decades of experience in the IT and consulting sectors in multiple roles across geographies and across the Energy (Oil & Gas), Utilities and Resources (Mining) industry segments.