Date: September 16, 2021

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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Event Overview

Health plans face increasing competition as employers are increasingly self-insuring (~80% of employers with more than 1000 employees), provider-sponsored plans are evolving, and digital native players are nipping on their heels.

Health plans will continue to experience increasing pressure to reduce premiums and the cost of care while enhancing member experience to maximize reimbursements (STAR) and improve retention rates.

In this virtual roundtable, Vadiraj Guttal, AVP & Head of Digital Platforms, Infosys along with Rohan Kulkarni, Vice President, HFS Research will take you through a detailed research with 100 CXOs on the complications driven by market dynamics including rental provider networks, direct to provider contracts, interoperability, price transparency, and changing competitive landscape to list a few. The speakers will also take you through the digital platform strategy that will function as a core administration platform which is modular, independent, and interoperable with a pay-as-you-go economic model incorporating a risk-reward paradigm.

Join us on 16th September to interact with your industry peers and learn more about the digital platform strategy for healthcare organizations to help reduce administrative costs, manage risks and support increasing demands.


Speaker Details:

Rik Khurana

Rik Khurana, Senior Director - Technology Products and Delivery, CareFirst BCBS

Rik is a passionate leader with demonstrated experience in formulating and executing enterprise-wide technology and digital strategies. He has two decades of experience in IT Leadership, Business Transformation, Technology Strategy, Product Development, Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Technologies. Rik is a forward thinker with demonstrated ability to implement strategies that focus on value generation through disruptive innovations and incremental improvements. Rik’s expertise as an innovator has led to the development of several new products using cutting-edge technologies including cloud, Salesforce, Hadoop, machine learning, robotic process automation and web development technologies.

Rik has been responsible for developing departmental IT vision, strategy and multi-year delivery roadmap with focus on user productivity, business agility, revenue opportunities and automation. He is currently managing the departmental IT portfolio with 10 separate product teams and several technology verticals; establishing various technology teams from ground up and executed the end-to-end products strategy. Technologies include machine learning, analytics, RPA, Salesforce and web development. He has been leading departmental cloud migration strategy to use AWS and Azure clouds with focus on automating the CI/CD pipeline, application containerization, serverless architecture and API management. Leading team of data scientist and analysts, he has developed several sophisticated ML models — including Claims Adjudication Automation, Member Churn Prediction, Customer Satisfaction Prediction, Nurses Review Automation and high-cost claimants.

Rik has played a central role in defining multi-tenant architecture of several digital applications with complex API-based integrations between several technology platforms and products that are used by several external plans. He is a strong believer in developing innovative products and technology solutions that stem from deep understanding of business challenges.

Rohan Kulkarni

Rohan Kulkarni, Vice President, HFS Research

Rohan Kulkarni leads the Healthcare & Life Sciences practice for HFS, bringing to bear his vast experience across the healthcare ecosystem. His experience includes being the Head of Healthcare Strategy at multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Conduent, and Concentrix; Product Management Executive at Highmark Health; and CIO at Versant Health. He is passionate about the Triple Aim (improving health outcomes, reducing the cost of care, and enhancing the care experience) and believes that health and healthcare is a polymathic opportunity that intersects with every industry and facet of our lives. His well-rounded experience and passion bring a practical approach to his analyst role at HFS.

Vadiraj Guttal

Vadiraj Guttal, AVP & Head of Platforms-Healthcare, Infosys

Vadi is an IT Executive with 21+ years of IT experience and 14+ years of healthcare payer consulting experience, focusing on implementation and system integration of core administration platforms. In his current role as Head of Products, Platforms & Solutions, he is focusing on developing products and solutions leveraging digital, AI, and RPA to improve payer operations as well as optimizing medical costs through AI augmented care management.