Date: September 6, 2021

Type: Video on-demand

Duration: 25 minutes

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Event overview

Agility and speed are key to overcoming the complexity of current state of our technology systems. Most ERP functions such as creating a sales order or even simply getting your password reset, are disconnected and require manual interventions either through email, ITSM or IVR process. These manual interventions are tedious and often take a lot of time and effort. Using Infosys ‘Integrated Collaboration Platform’, part of Infosys Cobalt, enterprise can look at collaborating with their underlined SAP software in real time using Microsoft Teams removing the hassle of engaging multiple parties while in conversation directly with their ERP. Infosys Integrated Collaboration Platform addresses the very specific issues through Microsoft Teams and leveraging underlying Azure integration services to provide a seamless integration for the end user with underlying systems.

Watch this exclusive on-demand webinar to learn how Infosys and Microsoft are providing next-generation SAP integration services to enterprises in an agile, simplified, and structured manner for next-generation solutions.

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Nitin Mahajan

Nitin Mahajan, Senior Technology Architect, Infosys

Nitin is a Senior Architect at Infosys for SAP intelligent offerings on Cloud. Nitin has 20 years of technology and industry experience, and has always been technology focused with experience ranging from Open Source to SAP’s very own traditional and new-age technology stack. Along with offering SAP Platform consulting to Infosys clients and guiding them on their digitization journeys, Nitin is also leading the efforts to build Intelligent SAP offerings on Azure. Nitin is closely working with Microsoft Azure Architects to envision, design and build intelligent solutions that can add tremendous business value to our customers running their enterprise on SAP S/4HANA or on SAP ECC.

Sachin Ghorpade

Sachin Ghorpade, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Sachin is a Principal Cloud Solution Architect for SAP on Azure. He possesses 18 years of industry experience. His core skills are SAP Basis, Azure, Infrastructure, and Program Management. He is currently a member of Partner Success Team of Microsoft and has been working with the company for about 16 years. He is a certified Enterprise Architect and OS/DB Migration Technologist from SAP. He also earned the Microsoft certifications of Azure Solution Architect Expert and Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty.