Date: January 13, 2021, 8:00 a.m. PT

Location: Virtual

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Event overview

Two major forces in digitalization have come together to revolutionize what is achievable with rapid, real-time application development. In this webinar, a new generation of development standards for real-time industrial applications is debuted, combining Infosys’ deep domain experience and digital-first approach with Vantiq’s event-driven, edge-native development platform.


During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover exciting, next-generation smart solutions within operations such as logistics, distribution, connected maintenance, workplace safety, etc., that will be created from the new partnership between Infosys and Vantiq
  • Get a first look at the Digital Supply Chain (DSC) Innovation Accelerator created by Infosys and Vantiq to enable businesses to rapidly create real-time industrial applications
  • Learn how your business can create or adapt scalable digital solutions with Vantiq to capitalize on your real-time data in the most efficient way possible

Featured Speakers

Narayanan Chathanur

Narayanan Chathanur, Sr. Director (Cloud-Native Dev & Cloud-Integration Suites) at Infosys

Narayanan Chathanur is the Sr. Director (Cloud-Native Dev and Cloud-Integration Suites) at Infosys. With a strong technology background from being a software coder to being the Chief Architect, Narayanan is passionate about unraveling problems through contemporary technologies using established patterns by means of creativity, tactics, and innovations.

Hardik Davé

Hardik Davé, Head of Strategic Alliances & Partner Marketing at Vantiq

Hardik Davé is a Founder, Strategic Alliance Executive, and Full Stack Digital Marketer. He has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Software, Semiconductor, and Media/Entertainment industries and enjoys building brands, strategic alliances & global cross-functional teams to bring partnerships, platforms, and products to life.