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In October of 2020, mid-pandemic, Tom and Ravi got together (virtually, of course!) to think deeply about what the post-pandemic world might hold for us. They hypothesized that after the crisis abates, a revolution in education and work awaits. Tom captured the essence of that conversation in an opinion piece that he published in The New York Times.

It discussed how some long-established institutions, like universities will disappear — and the nature of work, workplaces and the workforce be transformed. How career paths will no longer follow a simple ‘learn-to-work’ trajectory, but rather a path of ‘work-learn-work-learn-work-learn’. That work will become modular, digitized and disconnected from an office or factory, and diverse groups of people — those living in rural areas, minorities, stay-at-home parents and those with disabilities — will be able to compete for it from their homes. How there will now be lifelong radical reskilling - meaning, we can take a front-desk hotel clerk and turn him into a cybersecurity technician. Or, an airline counter agent into a data consultant.

The Revolution in Education and Work: Is it for Real?

Key Takeaways:

This conversation is about taking a hard look at the views the two thinkers share and to see which ones are accelerated, which promise to turn to reality and which ones have fallen by the wayside. In addition, more thoughts have been brewing as Tom and Ravi have been thinking of how the revolution in education is real and waiting to manifest in several ways that promise to move us all forward. For example, the pandemic has primed our readiness to embrace a template for lifelong learning – in the form of reputed education brands in the US offering their patrons a lifelong subscription to learning resources (paid for by the month) and creating a recurring revenue stream for themselves. (Much like Amazon Prime driving a recurring revenue stream for Amazon)

Join this unmissable conversation that’ll open our minds to new perspectives, and our paths to new possibilities.


Speaker Details:

Thomas L. Friedman

Thomas L. Friedman - NY Times Columnist and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

Ravi Kumar S.

Ravi Kumar S. - President, Infosys


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