Date: February 11, 2021

Duration: 60 minutes

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Event overview

Over the years, spaces around us have evolved, making them more productive, secure, and enriching. Governments and enterprises are looking at leveraging technology to create smart spaces that can enhance experiences, bring efficiency to business operations, and most significantly keep our environment safe. Considering the global climate challenges and the need to respond to the needs of the environment ecology, enterprises need to adopt sustainable practices while evolving their surroundings. Creating a connected smart space ecosystem that is smart, intuitive, sustainable, and responsive will go a long way in reducing the carbon footprint of an organization while achieving key corporate objectives.

Watch this exciting panel discussion on “Thrive with Sustainable Smart Spaces” to hear from industry leaders on how to successfully implement a sustainable and smart space.


Key takeaways

  • Latest industry insights on sustainability and smart spaces by the leading analyst, Michele Pelino from Forrester
  • Industry examples of how enterprises have successfully realized sustainability practices at their workplaces and witnessed spectacular results
  • Deep dive on design and innovation including steps for a successful smart spaces strategy implementation
  • Role of sustainable technology solutions in driving value when creating a sustainable enterprise, enhancing the safety and comfort of employees, and improving building and asset utilization

Event Speakers

Scott Rechler

Scott Rechler - CEO and Chairman of RXR Realty

Michele Pelino

Michele Pelino - Principal Analyst, Forrester

Nitesh Bansal

Nitesh Bansal - Senior Vice President and Global Head of Engineering Services, Infosys

Corey Glickman

Corey Glickman - Vice President and Head of Strategic Design Consulting, Infosys

James George

James George - Network Development Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

John Elkington

John Elkington - Green Swan Observatory, Volans