Date: February 03, 2022

Time: 08:00 p.m. IST l 09:30 a.m. ET


Event Overview

We are excited to announce that the third edition of Consumer Spotlight: Quarterly Reflection, a virtual conversation series by Infosys, is scheduled on February 3, 2022. We invite you to be a part of this insightful discussion and explore the power of data to make supply chain autonomous and ways to achieve operational excellence. Our earlier sessions had speakers from Infosys, but this time, you’ll get to hear insights from an external speaker from Unilever as well.


Event Description:

Consumer industry is rapidly adopting new ways to survive and thrive in the new world that the pandemic has created in its wake. Undoubtedly, digitization is at the core of this revolution and organizations are looking for the right technology partnership to help them succeed.

Join the third webinar in this series, where Infosys’ and Unilever’s Consumer, Retail & Logistics leaders from Europe will share their experiences and perspectives on how:

  • CPG companies have been driving autonomous supply chains
  • Organizations navigate through operational challenges to drive growth

Key Takeaways:

Join the Consumer Spotlight series, third edition, where leaders share their perspectives on a comprehensive approach to autonomous supply chain, including:

  • Evolving consumer preferences and supply chain function for the CPG industry
  • Technology trends shaping 2022
  • Building responsive supply chains with real-time planning
  • Navigating organizational challenges to drive growth


  • Anubhav Singh, Director - Real Time Visibility and Analytics, Unilever
  • Rahul Ubgade, AVP, Consumer, Retail & Logistics, Infosys
  • Samad Masood, Content Strategy and Marketing Lead, Infosys Knowledge Institute, Infosys, Digital Disruption Thought Leader

About us:

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