Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Time: 11AM ET || 8:30 PM IST

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Event Overview

CRL Client advocacy series brings you the third webinar from the Infosys CRL - Consumer Goods Technology Partnership which will focus on Tyson foods’ transformation into Digital Speed Innovation. We invite you to be a part of this insightful discussion where Devin Graham, Tyson Foods, shares how the food company is navigating the strategies required for a cloud-led transformation — including where cloud adoption fits into the Tyson Foods’ broader innovation strategies

As the sharing of information across the consumer goods value chain becomes more critical, CPGs are increasingly creating digital threads to inform their innovation strategies through relevant data. For today’s CPGs, however, there is no business strategy without a cloud strategy. And while most CPGs already have a cloud plan in place to take advantage of the efficiency gains and cost reduction, the adoption of cloud for offensive priorities — such as improving digital capabilities, increasing the speed to market, and scaling business operations seamlessly — has been relatively slow.


Key Takeaways:

Don't miss out on expertise from an industry leader as we explore:

  • Tyson Foods major learnings with their technology innovation journey
  • What Tyson Foods cloud landscape looks like
  • What innovation beyond cloud adoption looks like for Tyson Foods
  • The role that cybersecurity, risk, and compliance plays in the journey


Devin Graham

Devin Graham
Vice President Cloud and Infrastructure at Tyson Foods, Inc.

Suresh Karra

Suresh Karra
AVP and Head of the Cloud Consulting and Solutions practice at Infosys

Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston
Senior Editor CGT

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