Event Dates: 11th - 15th, 2022

Paper presentation Session

Consolidated Outages Map of Southern California Edison (SCE)

Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Time: 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM PDT

Venue: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California SDCC, Room 26 A

Infosys Booth at the Event: No 320

Event Overview

ESRI User Conference 2022 is the largest geographic information system (GIS) conference in the world. At the annual event, professionals discover the latest advances in GIS technology and learn how GIS capabilities empower them to address operational challenges.

Infosys is a Bronze Sponsor of ESRI User Conference 2022, this is an excellent opportunity for you to understand Infosys GIS offerings. We will be showcasing our capabilities, core solutions relevant to the GIS industry and aligned with the domain capabilities that we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers.

In a joint session with Southern California Edison (SCE), Infosys experts navigate SCE’s initiatives for timely communication of outages and the effectiveness of using GIS as a tool to share location-based information with its customers. In addition, we focus on how ArcGIS can be leveraged to build highly scalable applications.


ESRI User Conference 2022 is a premier GIS conference for professionals of diverse industries. Experts share their vision of geospatial thinking and GIS. They demonstrate the latest advancements in ArcGIS and share practical advice on how to apply ArcGIS solutions for local challenges.

SCE safeguards the interests of customers and enhances the user experience by upgrading equipment and investing in advanced technologies. SCE implemented a user-friendly, consolidated outages map on their website.

The outage map allows customers to search their service address and access information about current or planned interruptions such as maintenance and repair, public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) information, including high fire risk area locations and rotating outages, including estimated restoration times. The map also provides information about resource centers, community crew vehicles, and hotel discounts.

Learn how SCE used ArcGIS solutions to manage operations during outages and build scalable applications.


Frank Starke, Senior Digital Product Manager, Customer Experience, Southern California Edison

Anil Kumar Vemu, Principal Technology Architect, Infosys