Date: Thursday, October 20, 2022

Time: 4:00 PM EST

Hosted by : Infosys Equinox and AWS

This is an invite only event, if interested please reach out to

Event Overview

The event will comprise an exclusive and private round table for senior industry executives followed by a NHL New York Ranger’s game from our corporate booth!

Businesses in almost every industry saw an unprecedented boom in digital commerce in the past two years, but the pandemic drastically changed customer behavior. In this hybrid world, consumers now expect a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

Join us for power-packed networking and stimulating conversations at Madison Square Garden, NY, where we will touch upon the topics of everywhere commerce, composability, customer experience, hyper-personalization, and cybersecurity in e-commerce.

Event Description

Engage in a discussion around cloud-native composable commerce, human-centric experiences, and how to power innovation.

Senior Industry Leaders will spearhead the conversation on:

  1. What’s next in the future of digital commerce?
    • Everywhere commerce
    • Composability
    • Seamless experience
  2. Data at the speed of MACH-X
    • Hyper-personalization
    • Cybersecurity
    • Privacy

Why Attend

Understand: The new trends and needs to lead in e-commerce
Connect: And build relationships with some of the biggest names in your industry
Discover: New approaches and strategies to help win market share


Matt Ghourdjian

Matt Ghourdjian, Chief Digital Officer, 777 Partners

Justin Honaman

Justin Honaman, Head, Worldwide Business Development, Consumer Products – Food & Beverage, AWS

Amit Kalley

Amit Kalley, CEO, Infosys Equinox

Doug Tiffan

Doug Tiffan, Head of World Wide Apparel | Fashion Solutions, AWS


Khurram Khan, CTO, Infosys Equinox