Date: 11/07/2022

Time: 8 AM PT

Type of event: Panel Discussion (LinkedIn Live)

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Event Overview

The Rough time in the past has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in the health sector. From remote monitoring tools and wearables to AI-powered healthcare, the landscape has completely transformed. As we step into the future, we need to sustain this momentum and continue building more innovative capabilities.

The healthcare industry operates on huge volumes of data, hence technological adoption is critical to tackling some of the major challenges in the industry, such as interoperability, data sharing, and upgrading old models of care. A new, future-ready approach that is built on AI and IoT and offers clinicians modern tools for efficient, automated, error-free, and informed decision-making capabilities would result in a far more safer and reliable diagnosis model.

Join us on 11 July at 8 AM PT, as Ray Wang & Vadiraj Guttal talk about leveraging digital capabilities and a platform-centric approach to reduce administrative costs and improve the customer experience.

R “Ray” Wang is the founder, chairman, & principal analyst of Constellation Research. He brings to the table his extensive knowledge about digital transformation and artificial intelligence and how they impact enterprises and organizations, making him a perfect addition to the panel.

Vadiraj Guttal is a senior health-tech and IT Consulting professional with 23+ years of experience in software development, project management, and product and solution development for the payer segment of US healthcare.

As the Business Head of Platforms at Infosys Healthcare, Guttal is responsible for ideating and developing digital native, built on AI and cloud-run business applications.

Speaker profiles:


R “Ray” Wang, Founder, Chairman & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Vadiraj Guttal

Vadiraj Guttal, Associate Vice President & Head of Healthcare Platforms, Infosys
Unit: Healthcare & Life Sciences