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Event Overview

Join us for the 4th edition of Consumer Spotlight - Quarterly Reflections, our virtual discussion series, that makes sense of trends across the consumer, retail and logistics landscape. In this session, ‘Metaverse for CPG and Retail: Pipedream or Profit Machine?’ Infosys experts contextualize the metaverse for CPG, retail and logistics professionals.

Event Description

Our domain and technology experts discuss how the metaverse can help CPG and Retail enterprises engage more deeply with digital consumers and design more meaningful interactions. While the metaverse holds a lot of promise, do CPG and Retail enterprises need to address gaps in this technology? Our experts initiate a conversation on how to drive purposeful engagement with digital-first consumers. In addition, they explore opportunities and address challenges related to data management, interoperability, and lack of trust. The discussion will conclude with evaluating use cases across the CPG, and Retail metaverse.

Key Takeaways

Don't miss out on expertise from industry leaders as we explore:

  • Demystifying the metaverse to explore business opportunities across CPG and retail
  • Brainstorming use cases in the metaverse for CPG and retail
  • Understanding challenges to metaverse adoption
  • Creating new-age consumer experiences: The future of metaverse


Vishwa Ranjan

Vishwa Ranjan, AVP and Global Head – Infosys Metaverse Foundry, Infosys

Andrew Hogenson

Andrew Hogenson, Partner & Global Head – CRL, Infosys Consulting

Katherine Bevan

Kate Bevan, Principal Producer, Cybersecurity, Infosys

Samad Masood

Samad Masood , Content Strategy Lead, Infosys Knowledge Institute, Infosys

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