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Event Overview

Ransomware attacks have the ability to impact revenues, brand value, operations and reputation of any organization. therefore, there is a dire need to secure operations and assets by validating the effectiveness of security controls and processes, identifying vulnerabilities, and gaining the support needed to address these risks. Over the past year, Infosys and Sygnia have together partnered with more than 100 organizations to defeat ransomware attacks and other such cyber threat.


Key Takeaways

  • Real-world case study: The anatomy of a heavyweight ransomware attack
  • Key pitfalls commonly overlooked by security teams
  • Being proactive to defend and respond to ransomware attacks
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From the Front Lines – The Ransomware Defense Strategies that Worked
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Shambhulingayya Aralelemath

Shambhulingayya Aralelemath, AVP - CyberSecurity Practice at Infosys

Amir Becker

Amir Becker, VP Incident Response, Sygnia

Yotam Meitar

Yotam Meitar, Incident Response Director, Sygnia

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