Date: April 21, 2022

Time: 11 a.m. – 12 noon ET

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Event Overview

In today’s world, superior customer experiences are the key to business success. Gone are the days when water, gas, and power were considered commodities and customers were merely bill payers. Utility providers need to think in terms of the customer journey and create positive customer experiences to boost revenues and be known as trusted utility advisors. In this rapidly evolving digital world, it has become critical for utility companies to understand what drives customer behavior and find ways to exceed their expectations.

Watch our on-demand webinar to understand how Infosys helped Southern California Edison, a large US-based utility company, transform its IT applications by moving to the cloud with the SAP suite of customer experience (CX) applications. You will understand how digital transformation reduced the company’s operational risks, drove customer service efficiency and performance, and drastically improved the positioning of green initiatives.

Hear from Christine Evans, SCE who shares her experience on the SAP CX transformation journey at SCE. Juergen Kuhmann, SAP, shares real-world case studies of businesses across the globe that have achieved digital transformation with the SAP CX platform. Senthil Nathan, Infosys, shares experiences, lessons, and best practices to realize the benefits of transformation faster and with less business disruption.


Key business challenges faced by the client

  • Limited access to the right technology applications for intelligent customer service
  • Risk of frequent customer service system failures that impact both customers and employees
  • Inability to provide a great customer experience in the core utility transactions
  • Non-availability of 360-degree customer data for customer service agents to make informed decisions and service customers seamlessly
  • Risk of unmasked personally identifiable information (PII) of consumers being exposed on the cloud
  • Lack of right tools for marketing and communication
  • The huge overall cost of system maintenance and services

Infosys solution with SAP CX Suite

The latest cloud-based SAP Sales, Service & Marketing offering coupled with SAP CX for Utilities, part of Infosys Cobalt, addressed the challenges faced by the utility company. Infosys implemented a fully integrated solution with a backend IS-utilities system which empowers customer service representatives with a 360-degree view of the customer with data such as financials, usage, service history, and service points. The overall experience has improved the consumer sentiment and perception of the company. The marketing cloud empowers the utility to run effective marketing campaigns for energy savings and green initiatives.


Key Takeaways:

Webinar attendees get insights into SAP CX capabilities and understand the roadmap for their CX-related requirements from SAP. This helps attendees gain clarity on their CX digital transformation journey. The webinar provides insights into how:

  • Utility companies can improve service engagements, complete service requests faster, and promote new value-added products and services
  • SAP CX sales and service cloud applications can transform utility business functions
  • A fully integrated CX solution with backend IS-utilities system can enable 360-degree customer views with financials, usage, service history, and service points
  • Companies can effectively communicate and market various programs for energy savings and green initiatives to their customers
  • Customer service systems and operations can be transformed to provide simple, reliable, efficient, and low-effort services to utility customers
  • Companies can improve the consumer sentiment or perception of the company
  • Infosys with its rich experiences and innovations can help you in your CX digital transformation journey. Infosys has built several accelerators and integration packages to expedite the implementation of this integrated platform


Christine Evans

Christine Evans
Principal Manager, Customer Solutions Integration, Southern California Edison

Juergen Kuhmann

Juergen Kuhmann
Senior Director – Energy Retail Transformation and CX, SAP

Senthil Nathan

Senthil Nathan
Principal Consultant, SAP CX CoE Lead for Utilities, Infosys

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