Date: 16th June, 2022

Time: 17:00 - 8:00 AM PST | 15:00 -16:00 PM BST

Location of the event: Online

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Event Overview

Transportation Electrification (or the shift to Electric Vehicles) is a very accessible pathway for companies across every industry sector to reduce their carbon footprint. Any company with a large fleet has a phenomenal opportunity to make a significant reduction in their GHG emissions while also reducing the cost of fleet operations. It represents a paradigm shift from running a traditional fleet and will need thoughtful planning and re-imagining its supply chain and logistics operations.

We are organizing a webinar on this exciting topic in collaboration with Financial Times to discuss “Making the business case for transportation electrification”. The webinar will address the key questions that are related to this paradigm shift to running an electrified fleet.

  1. What are the key business drivers for electric fleet owners, utility companies and charging infrastructure players to play a role in transportation electrification?
  2. How are soaring energy prices impacting the drive to cleaner energy?
  3. How do you make the business case for decarbonisation in the transportation sector and decarbonise the energy value chain?
  4. How do you navigate the complexities of supplying and using renewable energy for transportation? And how do you ensure you’re ready for change?
  5. What is the role of digital accelerators in supporting fleet owners, utilities firms and infrastructure players in dealing with the scale and speed of evolution towards EV adoption?
  6. How can analytics-based technology help stakeholders achieve their business goals in the EV world?

Watch the LIVE webinar here - On the day of the webinar, a "Join Broadcast" button will appear.

Business Leaders and Speakers on the Panel:

Sandeep Khole

Carter J. Prescott, Director of Electrification at SCE |

Sandeep Khole

Henrick Hollad, Global Head of EV Charging at Prologis |

Sandeep Khole

Ashley Horvat, VP- Head of Mobility at Schneider |

Sandeep Khole

Ashiss Dash, EVP and Global Segment Head at Infosys |

Sandeep Khole

Philip Georgiadis, Transport Correspondent at the Financial Times |