Date November 7–11, 2022

Time 4 p.m. CET / 10 a.m. EDT

Location Virtual

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Event overview

Customer Day
Infosys, An SAP Global Strategic Services Partner, presents Customer Day on Wednesday, November 9, at 4 p.m. CET / 10 a.m. EDT.

As part of ‘Customer Day’ of SAP Partner Utility Week 2022, Infosys brings forward compelling discussions around cloud adoption and business KPI improvements leveraging SAP CIS. We will demonstrate our solutions that enable “smarter” call centers and “insightful decision making” for customers, as well as an “interconnection” app for DER – all backed by intelligent and smart analytics.

Our webinars showcase how our SAP-based solutions help utilities enhance customer service and cost optimization.

  • Find out about the utility industry’s journey of adopting SAP for the customer and meter-to-cash functionality, including the implementation of various cloud-based solutions
  • Listen to utility leaders as they share key improvements achieved after moving to SAP and how SAP-based solutions are continuously helping run their businesses and IT operations better
  • Be part of the discussion to highlight any areas that can be further improved, solutions that can be implemented early, and opportunities for innovation that can be tapped

In this session, Infosys experts will talk about key call center KPIs such as average handle time (AHT), first call resolutions (FCRs), and hold time. They will also discuss how these can be improved by investing in smart initiatives for the call center.

The session will explore smart solutions that can be implemented on any SAP call center platform (traditional SAP CRM or S/4HANA Customer Engagement or Service Cloud). These solutions from Infosys and SAP allow agents to predict customer calls, automate process steps, and experience one view of the customer. Enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), they also help integrate better with external as well as internal systems.

For utility companies planning to move their customer or CIS application to the cloud, multiple cloud offerings are available today, including SAP RISE. However, it is important for these companies to fully understand how to navigate the cloud maze and ensure complete readiness.

In this session our experts will discuss the case for moving to cloud, cloud platform options, best practices, and other considerations such as:

  • Meeting regulatory mandates and restrictions around cloud
  • Protecting customer data in the cloud
  • OPEX impacts of moving to the cloud
  • Change management for your customers and employees
  • Integrations and third parties

The session will close with a case study of a power utility company that implemented a large customer transformation solution in the cloud. It will highlight the key achievements, challenges, and outcomes of this implementation.

Understand from our experts how a customer enabled with next-generation energy options such as solar panel roofs and battery storage walls will participate in the utility functions of demand management and revenue management.

Learn how our Unified SAP Interconnection solution aligns with the SAP digital and cloud roadmap. Also explore methods of improving and optimizing the distributed energy resource (DER) interconnection business process.

As part of Infosys Cobalt® and SAP’s Industry Cloud for Utilities, we have created a solution called Infosys Intelligent Customer Insights that augments analytics with AI capabilities. It helps deliver on the needs of customers as well as front and back-office personnel who contribute to overall customer experience.

The solution is built on SAP Business Technology Platform, leveraging machine learning, and offers predictive analytics by seamlessly integrating SAP transactional systems with data. Its flexible architecture allows additional features to be incorporated to address evolving customer requirements.

In this session, our experts will explain how the solution works and demonstrate some key components including:

  • Tariff recommendation for residential and industrial customers to save on their energy bill. On the macro scale, this helps utility companies better manage energy demands
  • Predictive customer retention to proactively reduce customer churn
  • Managing bad debt by receivable projections
  • Self-service analytics specific to the utility universe