STAR Annual General Session

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Event Details

Date: October 4-5, 2011
Venue: Hotel Regent Court, Dearborn, Michigan, USA


Event Overview

Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) is an organization that sets and manages standards for data exchange between automotive dealers and manufacturers. It has dealers, manufacturers, retail system providers, and automotive-related industry organizations as its members.

Infosys experts present sessions at STAR Annual General Session.


Session Details

Session 1

Topic: Where STAR Should Go Next
Speaker: Sandeep Jumani Bansi, Senior Consultant - Manufacturing, Infosys
Raghu Iyengar, Principal - Manufacturing, Infosys

Session 2

Topic: Why Now is the Time for OEMs to Invest in Dealer Data Projects
Speaker: Kenneth Gurney, Principal - Manufacturing, Infosys


Speaker Profiles

Sandeep Jumani Bansi

Sandeep Jumani Bansi has nine years of experience working with various Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) in defining and building systems for Dealer Integration, Product Development and Logistics. His areas of expertise include Dealer Integration using STAR, Sales/ Production forecasting and Product Quality Management. Sandeep has worked on projects for large OEMs such as Toyota Motor Sales, General Motors and Daimler AG.

Sandeep has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Raghu Iyengar

Raghu Iyengar has over 15 years of experience in Operations, Strategic Account Management, Technology, and Management Consulting. His core skills include Project/ Program Management and Information Management. His domain skills include Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Marketing, Parts and Service, and Dealer Loyalty/ Customer Retention.

Kenneth Gurney

Kenneth Gurney has 20 years of global experience in management consulting and industry leadership roles, with the last 10 in Automotive and Heavy Equipment industries. His areas of specialization include marketing and customer service strategy, after-sales, and growth strategy. He has been General Manager, After-sales for a major auto importer and Director - Parts, Attachments and Dealer Development for a major heavy equipment manufacturer. Kenneth’s consulting experience includes program design for Auto and Heavy Equipment OEMs.

He holds a BS in Accounting from Butler University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.


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