Date July 15, 2019

Time 8:00 a.m. (New York) / 1:00 p.m. (London)

Location Webinar

Event overview

The webinar is jointly co-presented by Ovum, Vodafone , and Infosys on how CSPs can accelerate their digital transformation journey by simplifying their IT infrastructure.


Session Details


Ben Connolly, Head of Digital Engineering, Vodafone UK

Sam Clitus, AVP and Europe Head of Consulting (Communication, Media, and Entertainment), Infosys

Speakers profiles

Ben Connolly
Ben joined Vodafone in 2017 as Head of Digital Engineering. He leads a team of around 150 engineers, technologists, and delivery experts who are responsible for developing and building new digital platforms and channels for all of Vodafone’s consumer and enterprise customers. Over the last twelve months, Ben has spearheaded the development of the team’s award-winning in-house DevOps engineering capabilities, built an entirely new digital architecture, rolled out new, reinvented digital experiences, and launched a new digital innovation hub in London. Prior to Vodafone, Ben held a variety of digital and engineering leadership roles at Capita, RM, and Sage.


Sam Clitus
Sam brings 20+ years of experience from the Telecommunications and IT Industry. He has extensive experience of driving business strategy, advisory, transformations, delivering revenues, client connects, setting up major programmes, structuring solutions, propositioning with partners/alliances, building teams, creating relationship, and rolling out innovations.

Sam heads ‘Telecom Domain Consulting’ for ‘Communication, Media, and Entertainment’ for Infosys Europe. He is responsible for helping CSPs.

Description of event

CSPs have started their digital transformation journey with over 90% having digital transformation on their agenda. Improving business profitability through reduced costs, multiplied revenue performance, and customer experience tops their objective list.

Operational agility will play an important role in achieving these objectives. However, how quickly CSPs are able to transform operations, given the complexity of their IT estates, is hindered by their legacy IT environments. Hence, CSPs must identify effective methods to address the challenges associated with their complex IT environment. One approach to consider is the deployment of modern application development practices such as development and deployment on cloud, transforming enterprise architecture towards microservices and APIs, and adoption of DevOps practices and tools. These concepts are aimed at simplifying CSPs’ IT applications ecosystems, whilst providing capabilities to support their long-term ventures.

In this webinar we will look at how Vodafone UK is addressing the challenges associated with its IT environment, working in partnership with Infosys. During this webinar, we’ll cover the following:

  • Market trends driving the need for digital transformation in the telecoms industry
  • Factors impeding CSP digital transformation
  • Best practices CSPs should adopt to address current challenges
  • Case study: How Vodafone UK is accelerating digital transformation journey, using cloud and microservices
  • Key recommendations CSPs should bear in mind while embarking on their digital transformation journeys

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