Infosys has defined what it means to be in a flat world and it is the global transformation partner of choice

Robert Greifeld

- Robert Greifeld, CEO, The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Good evening. Namaste!

In my time at NASDAQ, this is certainly the most exciting market open. It is our first market opening from this great country called India. It is also physically our largest market opening with over 3,000 people. We have now set a world record for stock market openings. Congratulations!

I am honored to be here at this truly, truly impressive facility and to be here with so many Infosys employees. I am most proud that Infosys is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (a round of applause for that) and it is truly a wonderful opportunity to not only celebrate this remote market opening, but to also celebrate 25 great years as a corporation. Congratulations, Infosys!

Now, Infosys was the first Indian company to list on the NASDAQ Stock Market, when they did that back in 1999. This company was founded by seven software professionals and today there are 52,000 employees at Infosys. Truly, truly an amazing performance!

On March 11, 1999, when Infosys came to NASDAQ, you could buy 100 shares for $3,400; today that would cost you about $50,000, which is a 1387% return. Truly, truly impressive!

But I would say this, the real story of Infosys is not in the numbers, the real story is how Infosys has changed the world. In the midst of this age-old culture, Infosys has shown that global sourcing, process refinement can be, has to be, leveraged to build a competitive organization. Infosys has defined what it means to be in a flat world and it is the global transformation partner of choice. Congratulations!

Now, we here at NASDAQ are 35 years old, and we too have a proud heritage. When NASDAQ was formed 35 years ago, every single market on the planet had a physical trading floor. We were the very first market to be screen-based, to be electronic, and it is interesting because we were innovative and had the ability to attract innovative companies of our time. When we think of Infosys, they truly are the epitome; they are the definition of an innovative NASDAQ company.

I am honored to be here today and I am grateful for your hospitality.

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