Innovation in osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment wins accolade for Infosys

A solution to better diagnose osteoporosis and accurately quantify fracture risk, developed by the Engineering Services team, was declared among the top Simulating Reality Contest Winners for 2014. This annual contest is organized by MSC software, a leader of multidisciplinary simulation solutions, to recognize solutions that innovatively apply MSC technology, demonstrate leading edge product design and resulting business benefits, and showcase great impact on society or industry.

Osteoporosis, a disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density, leads to diminished bone strength and increased risk of fracture. Currently, medical practitioners estimate bone fracture risk for patients through qualitative methods including physical examination, CT scans, X-rays and measurement of bone mineral density (BMD), and physiological parameters such as gender, age, and weight. The solution designed by Infosys applies the proven principles of mechanical engineering to understand the biomechanics of the human vertebrae and reduce the scope of errors in estimating fracture risks.

Infosys is the only company to have won this award two years in a row. It is the only IT engineering services company in 2014’s list of winners. In 2013, Infosys won the Simulating Reality contest for its 3D model of the human heart that helps medical professionals and scientists improve their understanding of the complexities of human heart disorders.

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