Infosys wins gold at the International Ashden Awards

Infosys has been awarded the Gold Award for sustainable buildings at the 2014 International Ashden Awards. The prestigious ceremony was held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on May 22, 2014.

Since 2008, Infosys has cut more than $80 million from its electricity bills and reduced electricity consumption per staff member by 44%. Its success lies in seizing every opportunity to reduce energy consumption in its existing buildings – from reducing the size of chiller plants for air conditioning, to painting roofs white so they reflect the heat. The cutting-edge design of the new buildings also helps keep offices cooler and maximizes natural light.

Now in their 14th year, the Ashden Awards celebrate pioneering businesses and organizations that are helping tackle climate change and transforming people’s lives. A total of 14 Ashden Awards were presented at the ceremony.