Infosys clients use Design Thinking to effect cultural change and new approach to innovation: Forrester

The digital world in which companies operate calls for a radically different corporate culture – one that is obsessed with improving customer experience and encouraging a more open, collaborative approach to innovation. Traditional corporate culture gets in the way of innovation, cites a report by Forrester Research. Forrester believes that Design Thinking principles can spark a ‘digital’ culture in organizations.

In a report titled, ‘Brief: Leverage Design Thinking To Spark A Customer-Obsessed Innovation Culture,’ Forrester Research Inc. cites the example of Infosys to demonstrate the need for a customer-obsessed culture for effective digital innovation; and how Design Thinking principles, by putting customers at the core of the innovation process, can spark a cultural change.

The report quotes:
  • Infosys used Design Thinking to shift its innovation culture
  • Infosys clients use Design Thinking to spark cultural change. Infosys has run about 30 client workshops on Design Thinking principles that enabled the firm and its customers to changer their approach to innovation
  • Infosys wants to use Design Thinking training to make problem-finding a key element of its employees’ skill sets, enabling them to think differently about clients’ problems and come up with the right solutions. This is a clear opportunity to create a strong competitive advantage for Infosys

The report also mentions five organizations that have embraced Design Thinking principles, after taking part in the Infosys Design Thinking workshops. Here’s what they have to say:

Stuart Presgrave, General Manager of Global Delivery, Telstra

  • “We found Design Thinking to be a refreshing approach to problem-solving and plan to use these tools to help bring agility and creative confidence back to our workforce.”

Dayle Stevens, General Manager for Support Services Technology, National Australia Bank

  • “We need to constantly think of new ways to simplify banking technology to meet the growing needs of our customers; these workshops help us understand where the next customer frontier will emerge.”

Director of Business Transformation and Operations of a large high-tech firm

  • “Infosys has been working closely with us from an organizational perspective to incorporate Design Thinking and an innovator’s mindset into how our teams collaborate on, ideate, and prototype more user-centric solutions.”

Infosys is also using Design Thinking workshops to empower and change the mindset of its 170,000+ employees. In just 10 months, the firm has trained more than 36,000 employees, including 500 senior executives on Design Thinking principles.