Infosys and Purdue University build strategic alliance for technology innovation and US workforce development

Infosys has entered into a five-year agreement with Purdue University to form a strategic partnership for technology innovation and U.S. workforce development. This partnership represents another step forward in Infosys’ commitment to boosting American innovation and shrinking the IT skills gap through investment in training and education.

Infosys is proud to partner with a leading American university like Purdue that is at the forefront of educating and training students on the most in-demand technology skills. Through this partnership Purdue will provide classes and training for many of the 10,000 American employees that Infosys will hire over the next two years, 2,000 of whom will be based in Indiana. The partnership includes lifelong-learning opportunities via specialist online courses for existing Infosys employees.

Infosys and Purdue will also address select business challenges presented by Infosys’ clients, investigate interdisciplinary solutions and conduct joint research in a number of areas, including digital agriculture, cybersecurity, biopharma analytics, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.