Infosys Foundation Completes Renovation of Dharamshala at Kidwai Cancer Institute in Bengaluru

Infosys Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Infosys, announced that it has completed its undertaking of renovation works at the Infosys Foundation Dharmashala at Kidwai Cancer Institute in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This dharamshala was constructed by Infosys Foundation in 2001. As part of this endeavor, Infosys Foundation undertook various renovation projects, including replacing worn-out flooring in sections of the building while also addressing issues related to plumbing in the facility. The INR 90 Lakh project also included the creation of a new lift shaft and the complete installation of a new lift.

The Infosys Foundation has worked closely with the Kidwai Cancer Institute since 2001 on a number of projects and has also helped construct other dharamshalas in Chandigarh, Hubli and Kalaburagi.

In addition, the Foundation has funded the construction of an operation theatre complex at Kidwai Cancer Institute in Bengaluru, the construction of a pediatric hospital in Odisha, a hospital block in Maharashtra, medical wards and pathology labs in Karnataka, procurement of medical equipment for hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh and Karnataka, among other initiatives.