Infosys Hosts Asia’s First Open Networking Conference in Bengaluru along with Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

Bengaluru – July 17, 2019: Infosys and Open Networking Foundation (ONF) will jointly organize the ‘Open Networking Conference Asia 2019’ on July 22-23, 2019 at the Infosys campus in Bengaluru, India. This will be the first time an Open Networking Conference is being held in Asia.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Accelerating Open Networking Software Deployment Leading to Digitization and Transformation of Networks’. At this event, attendees will gain insights into various topics such as open networking products and solutions, the future of networks, trends in the telecom industry pertaining to SDN and 5G, and exposure to networking platforms and solutions.

The event agenda includes a hackathon, tech symposium, panel discussions, paper presentations, workshops and tech showcases. Participants will get an opportunity to understand the evolution of open networking space from prototypes and pilots to robust, production-ready software in addition to insights of the technicalities involved and viewpoints on market approach.

Furthermore, the conference will serve as a platform for networking technology partners and the 'free and open-source software’ (FOSS) community to converge and engage in knowledge-sharing. The event is intended mainly for executives from mobile network operators, communication service providers, original equipment manufacturers, tech companies, and system integrators.

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