Infosys Recognized among the Top Six Employers in Australia

Infosys has been recognized among the top six employers in Australia for 2019 by Randstad, a global HR consultancy based on the most attractive qualities at the workplace and brand recognition.

The ranking recognized the top 20 employers in Australia with an exhaustive list of 150 employers. The survey was contributed to by 10,861 respondents, who also prioritized work-life balance as the most important metric for an ideal workplace. Among technology companies Infosys is placed second and is one of only three companies to feature from outside the 150 rankings in 2018.

This year’s ranking emphasises Infosys’ strategic commitment for growth in the region by hiring 1200 Australian workers including 40% graduates and investment in three innovation hubs by 2020. This also highlights the company’s dedication to, and investment in, employees’ professional development and personal wellbeing, it also illustrates Infosys’ commitment to providing competitive benefits through best in class HR policies and practices.