Freeing the Environment with CarFreeDay, an Infosys Chennai Initiative

Chennai – February 24, 2020: Infosys Chennai Development Center’s (DC) recent CarFreeDay initiative helped reduce a significant amount of CO2 in a bid towards protecting the environment by reducing air pollution. While keeping in line with World Health Organization’s (WHO) #BreatheLife campaign that mobilizes cities and individuals to protect health and planet from the effects of air pollution, Infosys Chennai planned this environment-friendly initiative to play a small part in curtailing global warming.

On CarFreeDay, employees were requested to travel only by public transport, and company-chartered buses. To aid the initiative, additional company buses were deployed at strategic locations to cater to the increased demand for alternative transportation. Employees living at shorter distances were requested to walk, or cycle, to work.

On the day, the Chennai DC managed to reduce 3080.5 Kg of CO2, along with experiencing significant reduction in the number of private vehicles entering the Infosys Chennai campus. The CarFreeDay also saw an increase in employees choosing public transport over private cars, to support the cause.

Infosys, which was recently recognized for its efforts, becoming the first Indian corporate to win a UN Global Climate Action Award for the 'Climate Neutral Now' Category, has continually worked towards environmental sustainability with the larger interest of the community and the planet at its heart.

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