EdgeVerve’s Nia DocAI to Assist Organizations Unlock Intelligence from Enterprise Documents to Amplify Business Value

Bengaluru, India - August 26, 2020: EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, recently launched Nia DocAI – v 2.1, its document extraction, processing, and comprehension platform. Nia DocAI, an offering of Infosys Nia, leverages advanced AI technologies, including Computer Vision and NLP, to assist customers across industries extract and consume information from complex enterprise documents, thus accelerating business outcomes.

Today’s enterprises are sitting on a gold mine of data. Industry reports suggest, more than 80% of this data is locked in unstructured documents. Hidden intelligence in these enterprise documents can lead to cost savings, reduced turnaround time, improved decision-making skills, regulatory compliance as well as reduced business risks unforeseeable due to the nature of the data.

Nia DocAI structures world’s complex multi-document data and makes it useful and business consumption ready. It not only extracts information from complex text and visual documents but also enhances the output with contextual information, thereby enabling in advanced NLP based search and insights.

The Nia DocAI 2.1 goes beyond OCR to process handwriting, differentiate between signatures and scribbles, work with various layouts, tables and page breaks. It even comes equipped with the ability to establish relationship between multiple documents. Through pre-trained solutions, it addresses complex use cases such as sell-side/procurement contract processing, contractual risk identification among others. Nia DocAI is an enterprise-grade platform that focusses on ease of use, enterprise scale, security, flexible deployment and more. It will enable enterprises to unlock entrenched business value hidden in unstructured documents.

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For further information, please contact: PR_Global@infosys.com.