Vantiq Announces Partnership with Infosys for Digital Supply Chain Innovation

San Francisco, December 11, 2020Vantiq today announced that it has created an innovation accelerator with Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, to help customers quickly build real-time applications for managing digital supply chains. Using pre-built digital domain and development frameworks, the accelerator will enable existing and new customers to rapidly develop innovative real-time applications in logistics and distribution optimization, connected maintenance, modern workplace transformation, real-time compliance, and safety management.

The accelerator’s first pre-built framework is for connected maintenance, enabling rapid development of end-to-end systems for real-time railroad condition monitoring, in line with the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration’s safety guidelines. The framework integrates live data streams from multiple wheel sensors and compares that data against safety guidelines. The framework also automates preventive, corrective or prescriptive actions in real time.

Infosys will extend its deep domain expertise and digital-first approach to support the innovation accelerator, in collaboration with Vantiq’s event-driven, edge-native development platform. Working together, the companies will help customers ideate, build and deploy real-time industrial applications in days or weeks, versus months or longer timelines.

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